Who is on the Throne?

Who is on the Throne?

I would like to take a few moments and camp on a few specific verses that we talked about in our Sunday morning service. This past Sunday featured the final sermon for this year in the “Summer-Time Series on the Psalms.” I am happy that we were able to stop here this year as it allows us to leave off on a very strong point of emphases that is simple, profound and life-changing. As such, it is a great spot to camp on throughout the rest of the year as we move forward through other series. The specific passage that I would like to discuss in this post is Ps. 29:10-11.

Ps. 29:10-11- The Lord sat enthroned at the flood; the Lord sits enthroned, King forever. The Lord gives His people strength; the Lord blesses His people with peace.

This passage specifically points to the vivid Biblical imagery of the Genesis flood. It demonstrates that the very same God that was on the throne during that incredible event, the very God that brought about that flood, that all-powerful, all-knowing God, is the very same that sits on the heavenly throne today. He is King and He will be King forever. This is very important to acknowledge in our lives. In fact, this Psalm starts out with a call to “acknowledge Yahweh.” (Ps. 29:1-2) God has never stopped calling us to acknowledge His lordship in our lives. If we believe that God ordained the flood, created the world, has the power to heal and has an amazing plan for our lives then we must do something very simple, and yet, very difficult. We must actually allow Him to be enthroned in our lives. That means that we must surrender whatever authority we think we might have, deny our very human nature to try and control everything, and acknowledge that He is King. It is one thing to just say that “God is King.” It is quite another to fully acknowledge it. By acknowledging it we are saying that we submit our lives, dreams, plans, passions and fears to His Lordship. This is not to say that we are never going to have plans, dreams, passions and fears. We are called to do kingdom work and we must, therefore, use our brains and tap into our hearts desires. But, what we must do is submit those to the God who gave them to us in the first place.

We must do this because of the verse that follows. The Lord “gives His people strength; the Lord blesses His people with peace.” When we acknowledge that He is on the throne we also avail ourselves to all of his bottomless resources and strength. He will give us the strength that we need to actually do those things that God has called us to! Not only that but when we actually acknowledge that He is enthroned in our lives, we have the freedom to walk in peace. We can walk in peace even in the midst of a storm because we know the God who created the wind and the rain. We can step out of the boat into the middle of a torrent and not have to fear sinking because we are walking towards the God who is enthroned above it all. He is already King of all creation, why do we not acknowledge that He is enthroned in our lives as well? When we do this we will find all of the strength and the peace that we need to keep moving forward into the amazing things that God has called us to! (Heb. 4:16)

Take a moment this week to just acknowledge that God is on the throne. The very same God that was over the flood is on the throne and wants to be on the throne of your life. In that, you will find increased strength and unbreakable peace. What will you do now that you know who is really in control?