AUGUST, 2019-07-27

Matthew 4:4, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”     

    The Word of God is to your spirit as bread is to your body.  When your body feeds on physical food, it produces physical power called strength.  When your spirit feeds on spiritual food, the Word, it produces spiritual power called Faith.  Just as your can’t eat one meal and feed on the memory of it for several  weeks and become strong, you can’t  just remember what the Word says and stay strong in faith.   We can’t get casual about the Word, if you do, you’ll slack off or one of these days the devil will catch you unprepared and steal you blind.   Remembering the Word isn’t enough.  You must continually feed on what it says.  Get it out read it and study it.  Verses you’ve read a thousand times ..and suddenly God will give you the greatest revelation of it you’ve never seen before.  You can’t get continued results if you don’t spend time in Prayer and in the Word of God, and Doing it, allowing the Spirit to nourish you daily.   Jesus said “The Words I have spoken to you, they are Spirit and they are Life.”

Food Review—Cherries, sweet, juicy, delicious cherries.  I do enjoy them when they are in season and have been enjoying them thoroughly.  Not only are they one of my favourite fruit (God’s Candy) but they are acclaimed to be a super fruit.  They have the highest level of disease fighting antioxidents and contain other important nutrients, as beta carotene,( 19 times more than blueberries or strawberries), Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fibre and folate.  They ease the pain of arthritis, gout and lower the risk of heart disease,diabetes and certain cancers.  They help with memory loss, jet lag and aging, I’m all for that, and are a good anti-inflammatory.        

Cherry crisp—5 cups pitted cherries     2 tbsp sugar    1 tbsp cornstarch    ½ tsp vanilla    ¼ tsp almond extract

Topping---1/4 cup whole wheat flour   ¼ cup br sugar packed   ¼ cup granulated sugar    ¼ tsp. Cinnamon  ¼ tsp salt     ¼ cup cold butter cut in pieces   ½ cups oats   1/3 cup chop almonds.   Toss cherries, sugar, cornstarch and extracts in bowl.  Prepare topping whisking flour, sugars, cinnamon,& salt. Add buttrer oats & almonds mixing until crumbly.  Place cherries in small pan, sprinkle topping over cherries.   Bake 375 for 25-30 min., until topping is slightly browned.

Satan can’t control you if you don’t lose control

Why isn’t my giving working

God will only do what He said He will do

The four ways of giving that are mentioned in the bible are these.

The tithe--- People struggle with it.     Firstfruits --- people don’t believe in it.

 Alms---- people totally understand it.    Seed----people think its a gamble.

God wants us to do all of these, but He offers different results. For each of the four types of giving. That means that not all giving is the same. you see, you can only expect God to  do what He says... and believe me ,what He says is enough! Whether it’s spiritual, physical, financial or otherwise, you can have faith in the word and yet misapply it’s teachings and not reap the results you were expecting. Of these four types of giving, three are towards God and one is towards man. Purpose is the key. Whatever you purpose in your heart that’s what you give---- not grudgingly nor of necessity ( meaning you should not be moved by need.), because God loves a cheerful giver (2Cor.9:7). Never forget that God meant what He wrote in His word and if we want to succeed in this life--- no matter whether it’s spiritual, physical. Financial or otherwise --- than we must live by His ways. So, if we want to excel in life, we’ve got to learn those ways and apply them. This is true in every respect, including the way we give. People will say that giving in any specific way is old testament is an “old testament” principle and that all of it has been done away with because we have been saved by grace and are “New Testament” believers. But Christ Himself warned that He did not come to do away with everything that came before Him, but to fulfill the purity of God’s law down to the last “jot” and “title” until “Heaven and Earth pass away” (Mat 5:18). It might be seen that believers who say the Old Testament is irrelevant to us today usually just want to get out of giving the tithe, because you never hear them bring up the argument regarding anything else! To show why you should believe tithing  is relevant  for New Testament believers, consider Melchisedec , a priest – king of Jerusalem in the Old Testament  who “blessed “ Abraham. In return, Abraham gave him 10% of what he had gathered in battle (Gen. 14) . Melchisedec   is referred to in the bible as a type of Christ and, in (Heb 5:10), Jesus is repeatedly referred to as  “called of God an high priest after the order of Machisedec “  ( Heb 5:10) 

In the upcoming letters we will see the breakdown of each type of giving, or look on the church blog page over the next few weeks for this study called “Why isn’t my giving working?).