Women's Connection Newsletter - May 2018

I read an article on a guy, James, who got a new puppy, and caught him chewing on one of his books he bemoaned that this was only one of the incidents of catching him chewing on his personal possessions. It brought to mind our dog Buddy when he was a puppy.  He chewed on anything he could get to.  My glasses, money (someone else's, Alice S., actually took it out of her purse) any paper laying around and all the plastic tips on my shoe laces.  I like the way James brought it around to us, and what we "Chew" on in out minds and hearts.  Do we carefully consider what we are feeding our souls when we watch T.V. surf on the internet, the social media, games, music we listen to etc.?  We have been learning in Bible study, that what we "chew" on is what comes out of us, especially in a time of crisis.  No wonder the Lord told Joshua, to meditate on the Word day and night to have success.  "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Matt. 12:34 What we chew on, in other words, fill our minds with, is how we develop our maturity, or not, in the Lord.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Rom. 10:17. Having our mind so full of the Word that at times of crisis we know what to speak.  Now that's good chewing.