Women's Connection: August 2016

John 5:8 “Stand up pick up your bed and walk.”

Can you imagine being flat on your back for 38 years? That was the condition of the man at the pool of Bethesda. Jesus knew he had no power to get up and walk in his own strength, but commanded him to do the impossible - to stand up and walk. The man faced a choice. He could ignore Jesus, debate with him or obey him. At that moment, he chose to believe Jesus and made his move to obey. Miraculously, strength flowed into his body and he received all the power he needed to do the impossible. We often linger in our troubles so much longer than we need to. We get overwhelmed by adversity. We can be tormented by fear or worry, all because we do not dwell in His Word. Without reading and dwelling in God’s word, we have no foundation for our faith. We need to have a Word from the Lord to be able to stand on. When we find a Word to stand on, we then have a choice. We can ignore it, debate it, or obey it. It’s only when we choose to obey His Words that we will find the miracles.