Women's Connection: February 2016

This is the love month. Really for Christians, it should be 12 months of the year. I’d like to retell you a story I read. A family therapist tells of a man who set out to adopt a troubled teenage girl. She was destructive, disobedient and dishonest. One day she came home from school and ransacked the house looking for money. By the time he arrived, she was gone and the house was in shambles. Upon hearing of her actions, a friend urged him not to finalize the adoption. “Let her go,” he said. His response was simply, “But I’ve already promised her that she would be my daughter.” God too has made a covenant to adopt His people. His covenant is not invalidated by our rebellion. It’s one thing to love us when we are strong, obedient and willing. But when we ransack his house and steal what is His? This is the test of love, and God passes the test. “For God shows His great love for us in this way, Christ died for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8

The Father didn’t look at the wrecked house and say, “Come back when you’ve learned respect.” God didn’t look at our frazzled lives and say, “I’ll die for you when you deserve it.” No, despite our sin, in the face of our rebellion, He chose to adopt us and, for God, there is no going back.  You never again have to wonder who your Father is… “For God is love.  Whoever lives in love lives in God and God in Him.”